MapR-ES Python Applications

As of MapR 5.2.1, you can create python applications for MapR-ES using the Streams Python client. The Streams Python client is a binding for librdkafka. The Streams Python client is available in a MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) starting with MEP 3.0.

When developing and running MapR-ES Python applications, note the following points:
  • You can create producers and high-level consumers. Low-level consumers are not supported.
  • Consuming or producing topics in a Kafka cluster is not supported
  • MapR-ES offset values start at 1, not 0.
  • MapR security is supported including ACLs and ACEs for authorization. The unique Kafka security features that are part of Apache Kafka are not supported. See Security for more information about MapR security features.
  • User impersonation is not supported.