MapR-ES Java Applications

This section contains information on developing client applications with Java including information about the MapR-ES and Apache Kafka 0.90 Java APIs, configuration parameters, and compiling and running producers and consumers.

User Impersonation

Note: As of MapR 6.0, user impersonation is supported for MapR-ES.

You can set up user impersonation programmatically. To do so, use the UserGroupInformation.doAs() method in the Hadoop documentation. See Class UserGroupInformation for more information.

If you are setting up user impersonation in a secure cluster, you need to generation an impersonation ticket. See the Generating and Printing Service with Impersonation Ticket section in the maprlogin Command Examples topic.

After generating the ticket:
  1. Ensure that mapruser1 has read permissions on the ticket.
  2. If you moved the ticketfile to a different location, set the $MAPR_TICKETFILE_LOCATION environment variable.