MapR-ES C Applications

As of MapR 5.2.1, you can develop C applications for MapR-ES. The MapR-ES C Client is a distribution of librdkafka that can work with MapR-ES. The Streams C Client is available in a MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) starting with MEP 3.0.

The MapR-ES C Client supports a majority of the librdkafka API plus additional configuration properties that are available only with MapR-ES. When developing applications for MapR-ES or migrating Kafka applications to MapR-ES, see the list of Supported API for MapR-ES C Client which also contains MapR-ES-specific API behavior. Reference rdkafka.h for API signatures.

When developing and running MapR-ES C applications, note the following:
  • You can create producers and high-level consumers. Low-level consumers are not supported.
  • Consuming or producing topics in a Kafka cluster is not supported
  • MapR-ES offset values start at 1, not 0.
  • MapR Security is supported. Kafka application-level security is not supported. See Security.
  • User impersonation is not supported.