MapR Data Science Refinery

The MapR Data Science Refinery is an easy-to-deploy and scalable data science toolkit with native access to all platform assets and superior out-of-the-box security.

The MapR Data Science Refinery offers:

Access to All Platform Assets
The MapR FUSE-based POSIX Client allows app servers, web servers, and other client nodes and apps to read and write data directly and securely to a MapR cluster, like a Linux filesystem. In addition, connectors are provided for interacting with both MapR-DB and MapR-ES via Apache Spark connectors.
Superior Security
The MapR Platform is secure by default, and Apache Zeppelin on MapR leverages and integrates with this security layer using the built-in capabilities provided by the MapR Persistent Application Container (PACC).
Apache Zeppelin is paired with the Helium framework to offer pluggable visualization capabilities.
Simplified Deployment
A preconfigured Zeppelin Docker container provides the ability to leverage MapR as a persistent data store.

For additional information, see MapR Converge Community - The MapR Data Science Refinery.