Known Issues for Cloud-Based Clusters

Before installing a MapR cluster in the cloud, be sure to review these known issues:

Issue Description
IN-960 When the MapR Installer shutdown function is initiated from a node that is part of the cluster, some nodes can fail to shut down if the installer node shuts down early. The installer node triggers the shutdown on all nodes; if the installer node shuts down before other nodes in the cluster, the shutdown is incomplete.
Workaround: Use one of these options to work around the problem:
  • Ensure that the installer node is not part of the cluster.
  • Use the manual shutdown process on each node rather than using the Shutdown button.
  • Use the Shutdown button, but verify that all nodes in the cluster were shut down. Manually shut down any nodes that were not shut down.
IN-929 If you use the aws_cf_maprcluster_ami.yml reference template and specify an AMI for which the root disk is too small, stack creation can fail, and there is no message to alert you that the disk is too small. The root disk (where /opt/mapr is located) must have a minimum of 128 GB, and swap space must be at least 10% of memory or less than 2 GB. This issue applies only to an AMI that has not undergone image prep or image creation using

Workaround: Specify at least 128 GB disks for cluster creation.

IN-860 If you create a cluster using a MapR marketplace offering for AWS and use ephemeral drives, and you then shut down the cluster, most MapR services cannot be restarted. This happens because the disks are new, and the MapR cluster is not aware of the ephemeral drives.

Workaround: Do not use clusters with ephemeral drives.

IN-981 On the MapR Installer status page, the installer displays URLs with private IP addresses when the cluster nodes are set up with public IP addresses.

Workaround: Log in to the MapR Installer. The IP addresses are displayed correctly with public IP addresses.

IN-974 If you request public IP addresses for the MapR Installer nodes, the IP addresses can change after a shutdown and restart of the cluster, and the MapR Installer status page continues to display the old public IP addresses.

Workaround: None.