MapR Edge

MapR Edge is a small footprint edition of the MapR Converged Data Platform that you can use to capture, process, and analyze IoT data close to the source.

MapR Edge is a fully-functional MapR cluster that can be run on small form-factor commodity hardware, such as Intel NUCs. Edge clusters are supported in three- to five-node configurations. Each cluster supports the full capabilities of the MapR Converged Data Platform, including the capacity for files, tables, and streams, along with related data management and protection capabilities such as security, snapshots, mirroring, replication, and compression.

Installation, Configuration, and Management

You install, configure, and manage MapR Edge nodes the same way you handle other nodes. You will need to set up replication back to your MapR core deployment cluster. For additional information, contact us at

MapR Edge Supported Cluster Configuration

Before you architect your system to use MapR Edge, consider these supported-configuration specifications:

Specification Value
No. of Nodes Per Cluster 3 or 5
Max No of Data Drives Per Node Up to4
Storage Capacity (Usable) * Min : 64GB Max : 10TB
Replication Factor Up to 3X
No. of Storage Pools (per Node) 1
Cluster Node Failure Tolerance ** 1 node or 2 nodes
Node Config Types Homogeneous***
Boot Disk Per Node 1 (Min 20GB)
Processing Services Spark, Drill
Included Software MapR-FS, MapR-DB, MapR Streams
Node Hardware Specs

CPU-Type : x86(64Bit),

Max Cores: 2,

Max-RAM: 16GB,


Disk-Type : SATA,SAS,SSD, vDisk

Online Software Upgrade Yes (via rolling Upgrade)
Supported MapR Software Version MapR 5.2
Supported Deployments Bare Metal or Virtual Instances

* Usable storage defined by total disk size divided by replication factor.

**This defines how many node failures a cluster can sustain and still keep the cluster accessible to its clients/apps. If you define additional nodes (or disk in those nodes), failures beyond this count will make the cluster inaccessible.

*** All nodes must be exactly the same in terms of capacity, number of drives , memory , cpu etc.